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Wingman is a comprehensive, completely customizable digital sales channel tailored to alcohol beverage. Based on who you are and what you’re permissioned to see, Wingman provides sales teams and retailers with knowledge, tools, resources and support tailored to their needs. Wingman educates, engages and empowers a digital, mobile, real-time, always-on business world.

Our mission is simple: educate, engage and empower your employees, distributor reps and retailers to bring the full value of your brands into every sales call. To ensure maximum reach and alignment across teams, there are no seat license costs associated with Wingman. Your installation grants unlimited, world-wide access to anyone selling your wine and spirits.

Wingman was originally built for technology giants to enhance distance learning, workplace collaboration and sales acceleration. It was later optimized for alcohol beverage to serve Diageo North America, Treasury Wine Estates and several mid-tier producers. It delivers 100% of your brand stories, digital assets, program initiatives and sales tools to every sales call.

Wingman will educate, engage and empower your employees, distributors & retailers with real business intelligence – anytime, anywhere or any device. It promises to bring the full value of your brands into every sales call.